We're growing a new brand

Carbon Count has rebranded to Ryzo

As a company focused on regenerating productive landscapes, we have updated our name to better reflect our focus on soil health and farm fertility through carbon.

At Ryzo, we are empowering the restoration of agricultural environments, climate and community by simplifying the shift to regenerative farming practices.

Farm health starts with Soil Health. It’s time to restore your land for good.

Healthy soil leads to healthy crops, healthy profits and a healthy climate. Reclaim the true value of your land by pivoting to a land management strategy that prioritises and rebuilds soil health, encourages a diverse ecosystem and boosts farm productivity for generations to come.

Acknowledging and rewarding farmers for adopting regenerative practices

Farmers have the opportunity to participate in a range of carbon farming programs that acknowledge and appreciate their efforts in improving soil carbon levels and transitioning to regenerative farming practices.

By engaging in carbon farming, farmers can obtain official recognition and certification for the carbon they successfully sequester in the soil over time.

This certification serves multiple purposes for farmers, including offsetting farm emissions, marketing farm operations as low-emission or low-carbon, and potentially receiving financial compensation from the government or other certifying bodies.

How do I get involved?
Will my property be a good fit for a SOIL Carbon Project?

Receive a free two–page report with our Carbon Potential Estimator

Get a quick preliminary understanding of your land's potential for a soil carbon project with a free two–page report that helps you estimate current soil carbon levels and sequestration potential, for you or your clients.

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Why is it important that farmers get involved in carbon projects?

It is increasingly evident that land degradation plays a significant role in contributing to climate change. With agriculture occupying approximately five billion hectares (38%) of the world's land, farmers are uniquely positioned to regenerate vast areas and restore the small water cycle through improving soil health. These efforts can help reduce the frequency and severity of bushfires, droughts, and flooding.

Unfortunately, agricultural practices such as excessive tillage, fertiliser and pesticide use contribute to poor soil and ecosystem health. By reducing these detrimental practices and adopting regenerative farming approaches, there is compelling evidence of increased drought resistance, improved nutrient cycling, healthier livestock, support for native pollinators, and reduced reliance on pesticides and fertilisers.

Regardless of the type of carbon project you are involved in, they all ultimately revolve around one crucial aspect: soil restoration.
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Excessive Tillage destroys the integrity of healthy soils, leading to decreases in microbial life, water infiltration and nutrient holding capabilites.

Regenerating farmland with the power of carbon

An essential component of healthy, productive soil, carbon helps to improve soil structure and porosity, enhance water infiltration and reduce nutrient leaching and runoff. Healthy soil enables your farm to recover faster from strong climatic challenges.

Our partner network will help you create a holistic land management strategy to regenerate your land to optimum health. Use our Ryzo Platform to understand the distribution of soil carbon across your land, conduct soil sampling, gather and interpret lab results and conduct a soil carbon project according to your chosen methodology.

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"It's not drought that causes bare ground,
it's bare ground that causes drought."

- Allan Savory

Reclaim barren land and cultivate nutrient–rich soil. Climate resilience starts from the ground up.

The biggest climatic regulator Earth has is soil. By increasing soil organic matter, farmers sequester carbon dioxide from our atmosphere; mitigating climate change while improving soil health and fertility, and feeding a booming global population.
Watch the Allan Savory's Ted Talk here

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