A farmers handbook to on–farm carbon management

Practical information on carbon farming and on–farm emission reduction schemes that cuts through the noise.

Understand which carbon management scheme works for your property.

The goal of this handbook is to help Australia's primary producers better understand the opportunities and requirements of participating in emission reduction schemes available under the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Use this handbook to discover:

  • The opportunities and requirements for participating in carbon sequestration projects
  • Potential income, costs, risks, challenges and rewards associated with each methodology
  • The various ways to participate and enrol, common modes of operation and much more!

This guide covers current & emerging methodologies for the following farm enterprises:

  • Pastoral (all animal grazing)
  • Intensive animal production
  • Cropping
  • Mixed farming (cropping & grazing)
  • Horticulture including viticulture and turf
  • Sugarcane
  • Horses/Studs/horse riding/adjustments
  • Oysters

3 sections that take you from theory to practice.

The handbook is divided into 3 sections: carbon theory, carbon methodology summaries and methodology extended guides. 

The theory goes through the fundamental knowledge that you should know when implementing a carbon project on your farm enterprise. The carbon methodology summaries provide a one page overview of the methodology and the extended guides provide an in–depth process on how to undertake some of the more popular methodologies.

Discover all applicable methodologies through summaries to determine which is right for you

Learn about the theory behind Carbon Farming

Dive deeper into your chosen methodology with extended guides


Which of the Australian Governments' on–farm emission reduction schemes are relevant to my farm enterprise?


What are the opportunities and requirements for participating in these schemes?


What are the common risks, costs and pitfalls associated with participation?


What are the potential rewards and benefits of participating in on–farm emission reduction schemes?

Farmers are on the frontline in our global quest to mitigating climate change. Enabling and facilitating farm enterprises everywhere to pivot to emission reduction and carbon sequestration practices in an efficient and economically friendly way is simply our duty.

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