Digitally Integrated Ground Sampling (DIGS)


Made for Soil Samplers

All Information related to each sampling job in one place, including property maps, sampling points, completion status of each point, photo evidence uploads and barcode scanning

Find a Sample Point using GPS

Use DIGS to navigate to a sampling point. Once in range, lock in your coordinates and begin sampling. You can also mark points as inaccessible, add comments and photos, and choose from eligible reserve points.

Take and Store Photos

Take as many photos as you'd like at a sampling point to document the process for your client and the regulator. Photos that you take of a sampling point remain tied to the sampling location with the date, time, and coordinates stored in the Ryzo Platform.
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Available Offline

No need to worry about signal when you're out on the field, the DIGS app will capture your data and synchronise when you're back within range.

Track Completed Sampling Points and Sync with Ryzo

Each sampling point will be marked as complete as you go, allowing you to track your remaining points with ease. DIGS seamlessly integrates with projects on the Ryzo Platform, easing the process of submitting sampling results to the regulator.