DIY Tools to visually assess improvements to your soil and landscape health


Self–assess your soil carbon levels with SPOT (Soil Property Observation Tool)

Farm success starts with understanding your soil. With SPOT, self–assessing your soil carbon improvements over time is easy with a collection of DIY soil and landscape tests.

Simple–to–use and accessible to farmers, agronomists, gardeners and landscape managers globally, SPOT is your key to staying on–track with your regenerative land management goals, giving you an understanding of the impacts of your practices on your soil.

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Understanding how soil carbon levels affect your soil's composition and functionality is your greatest tool in your transition to regenerative farming practices and restoring your landscape


Visually identify problems and track and improvements in your soil

SPOT enables you to monitor and track key attributes of your soil and landscape health, including; water infiltration, aggregate structure and strength, organic matter penetration and more, giving you a comprehensive suite of tools to return to each quarter.

Conveniently accessible through a mobile app, SPOT will guide you through a series of DIY tests while you’re out in the field.

Regularly measuring and tracking your soil’s physical and chemical characteristics will strengthen your ability to visually identify problematic areas and equip you with historic records to recognise and track improvements in soil organic matter (soil carbon) over time.

Compare your progress with photos and notes from previous testing rounds

Share data with your agronomist to show them progress over time

Confidently identify improvements from your new land management practices to make informed decisions about groundcover and inputs

Build a habit of tracking your soil health and be your own soil expert