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Carbon Count Company Update – March/April 2022

Philip Mulvey
April 13, 2022

Written by Philip Mulvey, Carbon Count Founder and CEO

It is with great pride that I announce that Carbon Count has launched its Series B funding round with the goal to become the world’s foremost carbon farming platform. We have had some interesting conversations already and are looking forward to the coming two months. If you have any referrals, please feel free to send them through.

As the recent public debate shows, assuring the integrity of carbon farming schemes is integral to the global uptake and success of carbon farming projects. What the global industry now needs most is a scientifically-backed way of creating assurance and trust in the quality and integrity of carbon credits leveraged for offsetting unavoidable emissions worldwide.

In other news we’re thrilled to have made it into Energy Tech Challengers’ top 10 list of greatest innovators in energy/climate tech! Some of our team will be flying over to Warsaw, Poland at the end of this month to partake in the finals in person which will be held at the Energy Tech Summit 2022. Having attended the Agtech Conference in San Francisco on 23 and 24 March I am sure our team will enjoy the excitement and buzz in being in a room of so many passionate start-ups and funders. 

Our carbon farming methodology experts have been busy finalising the contract for Agrifutures on developing a “Carbon Farming Pocket Guide for Farmers”. The objective of the piece is to assist Australian primary producers get a clear understanding of carbon farming, their options, key considerations, risks and common pitfalls as well as potential benefits. The handbook will be released in digital and print and we’ll be sending a note around when the piece has been released to the public. Having read an early draft I am  proud of what our team has been doing in the development of this handbook and look forward to its finalisation and publication by Agrifutures.

Lastly, V2 of the Carbon Count platform is being well received by our customers which is great to see. On-going development of modules to be added to V2 are still occurring and we always welcome any feedback you might have for us.

Till’ next month!



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