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In–Person Event

63rd Annual Conference of Grassland Society of Southern Australia

12th – 14th July 2022
Lardner Park, Victoria, AU

The GSSA aims to be the industry leader in information exchange, and to facilitate on–farm research and adoption to increase the profitability and sustainability of pasture systems in southern temperate Australia.

The objectives of the Society are:

  1. Deliver information in a format that improves on farm adoption of research outcomes, to ensure profitability and sustainability of pasture systems
  2. Identify research priorities and assist with the facilitation of research related to pasture systems in temperate Australia
  3. Operate as a professional organisation and continually evolve and prosper under changing external factors

The GSSA's annual conference brings together its over 600 members as well as industry though–leaders to explore and discuss advancements in this space.

Join Carbon Count CEO Philip Mulvey in Session 1 on Wednesday, 10AM AEST, where he takes the audience for a deep–dive into the topic of Carbon Accounting, and how to best utilised carbon generated on–farm through carbon projects.

63rd Annual Grassland Society of SA Conference Program

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