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Field Day

Bencubbin, WA: Get to know the health of your soil

Thursday, December 7, 2023
Bencubbin, WA

Join us and the Wheatbelt NRM for a day of practical training and knowledge-sharing, including a training session on how to self–assess your soil, led by Ryzo founder and soil scientist, Philip Mulvey.

During this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Explore the importance of mending and maintaining the small water cycle.
  • Learn how to build and track soil carbon on your farm.
  • Understand why these practices are vital for soil health.
  • Discover how to self–assess the health of your soil.

The workshop will cover various topics, including:

  • Defining the characteristics of a healthy water cycle.
  • Identifying actions that contribute to the loss of the water cycle.
  • Implementing effective methods to maintain a healthy water cycle.
  • Understanding the role of carbon in soil and its necessity in water cycling.
  • Discovering how increased soil carbon levels enhance drought resilience.
  • Learning how to measure soil carbon for crop health.
  • Engaging in hands-on DIY soil assessment using Ryzo's Soil Properties Observation Tests (SPOT).

Get Involved


Bencubbin Recreation Centre

283 Monger Street,

Bencubbin WA 6477


7th December 2023

9:30am–2:30pm (lunch included)

Demo & Practice: we invite you to bring about 250g of your best and worst top soil and soil from 30 cm deep and 4 empty jars to participate.

A donation tin for a local charity will be available on the day.

Free event, however bookings are essential.

Lunch, pH Kit, Access to SPOT app and Farmer's Handbook included in the ticketing price.
Ryzo reserves the right to cancel if numbers are insufficient to cover costs associated with the event.

Book your spot at: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1145897

Meet with one of our Team Members during the event!

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