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Operational and Capital Ecoservice Accounting Standards for Farm Carbon

Understanding the fundamental differences and synergies between Carbon Intensity Score (CIS) and Soil Carbon Stock Sequestration (SCSS) accounting is of paramount importance for maximizing agricultural contributions to climate mitigation.

This whitepaper is a call to action for all stakeholders, underlining the importance of making informed choices that will define the future of agriculture in harmony with our planet’s well–being. Having farm accounts correctly address CIS and SCSS without conflation between the two is simply that important.

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We wrote this paper to ensure that the delivery of high value, high integrity carbon produced by the farm for trading is available to all farmers. This can only be achieved by not conflating Carbon Intensity Score and Soil Carbon Stock Sequestration and regular on–ground measurement of soil carbon stock. 

If you agree or strongly disagree we encourage you to participate in a debate on ensuring the correct book–keeping practices for farm carbon. You can fill out the form on this page, or discuss this topic on the Soil Carbon/Soil Health LinkedIn page, or by sending an email to either or

We also encourage you to write to the USDA and your local senator about extending IRA45Z to farmers. Further you may wish to write to encourage the Land Grant Universities and the IRA to develop farm journal practice along the lines we propose in this paper.

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