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Planting Seeds of Transformation: Carbon Count Rebrands to Ryzo, highlighting the importance of Soil Health and Farm Fertility Through Carbon

We are updating our name to better reflect our focus on soil health and farm fertility through carbon.

July 10, 2023

Melbourne, VIC – Carbon Count, the online software platform for managing regulatory compliant soil carbon sequestration projects, has announced its rebranding to Ryzo. The name Ryzo derives from the "rhizosphere," the soil region adjacent to the roots of living plants, which is essential to soil health, fertility, and farm productivity.

"We are firmly focused on the sustainable productivity of farms via improvements in the soil system functionality, not just interested in potential profit from carbon farming," said Philip Mulvey, leading soil scientist and Ryzo’s Founder and CEO. "As a company focused on the productive landscape system of regeneration, our rebrand aligns our name with our mission to revolutionise soil health and farm fertility through carbon. Given the nature of the domestic market growth and international interest, it is time we had a name that reflects both our broader market interests and our team’s strength."

"The rhizosphere plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health, productivity, and regeneration of soil and landscape. This diverse region of microbial activity, with interplay with the root hairs, contributes massively to nutrient cycling and plant growth and also beyond the root to soil structure and water retention via increased soil organic matter," Mulvey added. "As Ryzo, we are highlighting our commitment to soil carbon as not only part of the soil health but also helping farmers achieve optimum, long-term farm sustainability. Healthy soils form the bedrock of healthy farms and thriving communities. By leveraging our deep understanding of soil carbon, soil health, and soil structure, we help farmers maximise crop productivity, build disease resistance, and build resilience to environmental challenges."

As part of this change in focus, Ryzo has begun offering tools beyond simply measuring soil carbon for sequestration. Incentive to elaborate their offering came from market demand for the knowledge the Ryzo team was providing on regenerative agriculture after a huge positive response from running farmer training on soil measurement for measuring success in regenerative agriculture, and following the publication of Mulvey’s book on regenerative agriculture and climate change called “Ground Breaking: Soil Security and Climate Change”.  

The rebranding to Ryzo reflects the company's commitment to promoting sustainable and regenerative farming practices that benefit both farmers and the environment. "We believe that healthy soils are the foundation of healthy farms and communities," said Mulvey. "By empowering farmers to optimise their productive soil and landscape functionality for sustainable farms, we are creating a more resilient and sustainable future for all and reducing anthropogenic climate change. The Ryzo team is excited to continue working with farmers and landowners to achieve these aims.”

About Ryzo

Ryzo is the new name of Carbon Count, the online platform for farmland regeneration and managing regulatory compliant soil carbon sequestration projects. Ryzo's SaaS application enables users to analyse and optimise soil health and lowers the barrier to entry for carbon farming, providing digital tools and a guided approach towards better design and execution of carbon projects that meet regulatory standards and requirements. With its patented capabilities in optimising carbon measurement and reducing project costs, Ryzo assists farmers, carbon project managers, samplers, auditors, agronomists, and financiers in collaborating on carbon projects and navigating complex methodologies to execute carbon projects with high integrity. By simplifying the shift to regenerative farming practices through on-farm carbon management, Ryzo pursues its mission to empower the restoration of agricultural environments, climate and community. 

A private company with headquarters in Australia, Ryzo has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Bristol, UK and agents in USA and Canada.

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