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Ryzo Company Update – September 2023

Upcoming events in Australia, the USA, and launching our DIY soil assessment tool, SPOT

Philip Mulvey
September 25, 2023

Dear Reader,

As we reflect on the insightful and encouraging Australasian Emissions Reduction (AER) Summit held in Sydney, hosted by the Carbon Market Institute (CMI), we are thrilled to share our exciting plans for the month ahead. We're eagerly gearing up for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

This event will convene experts and influencers in agronomy, plant, soil, and environmental sciences, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Visit our website for event details, registration, and to schedule a meeting with us.

In Australia, we're preparing for our next farmer event; the Stockinbingal Field Day in NSW, dedicated to practical training and knowledge–sharing. A significant highlight will be an extensive hands–on training session to assist farmers in soil assessment. During this workshop, participants will understand healthy water cycle characteristics, identify actions impacting it negatively, discover the role of increased soil carbon levels in drought resilience, and acquire soil carbon measurement skills. There are a handful of spots left, so head to the event page for more information and to register your attendance.

During this event, we're excited to introduce attendees to the latest addition to the Ryzo platform; the Soil Property Observation Tool, or SPOT (Patent Pending). SPOT is a free, do–it–yourself soil assessment solution that enables farmers to autonomously evaluate and track enhancements in landscape health and soil carbon with precision. The SPOT Check acts as a vital bridge, eliminating uncertainties regarding the effectiveness of regenerative practices by providing rapid feedback on their success. In many cases, SPOT can detect improvements within as little as 3 months, with a maximum time frame of 6 months, depending on the season.

Our team is excited about the knowledge–sharing and advancements that lie ahead as we roll out SPOT across the south eastern wheat belt and pastoral zone of Australia. We thoroughly believe that knowledge–sharing is of essence to make fast and significant strides in building sustainable farming practices and revitalising our precious agricultural lands.

Til' next month!


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